[TxMt] Tag Pair Highlighting

Takaaki Kato devlist at samuraicoder.net
Mon Aug 20 15:46:04 UTC 2007

On Aug 21, 2007, at 12:19 AM, Josh wrote:

>> Basically I go through a lot of old code that is littered with  
>> nested table, tr, td and span tags. It makes it difficult to find  
>> a tags "pair". It would be nice to invoke a key command on a tag  
>> (be it HTML, XHTML, PHP, Etc.), either the beginning tag or end  
>> tag and have it highlight the corresponding tag. And to take it  
>> one step further it would be nice to have a slightly different key  
>> strong highlight the corresponding tag and all the contents  
>> between them.

It may not what you want, but you can try Balance Jr in  
"Experimental" Bundle for moving back and forth. The screencast is  
here <http://subtlegradient.com/articles/2006/05/06/balance-jr-2-0- 
for-textmate-screencast>. This may be closest for what you want.


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