Distributed model for bundles (was: [TxMt] Bundle and language help)

Jeremy Wilkins jeremy at ibexinternet.co.uk
Mon Aug 6 15:10:07 UTC 2007

Without wishing to turn this into a which scm is best discussion, git  
isn't the easiest system for non-technical users to learn - it is  
aimed at power users. You may end up with a situation where using the  
version control is harder then creating the bundle. I've not used  
mercurial much but I know thats meant to be simpler than git, I have  
used bzr which i've found dead simple and quite like subversion, and  
it branches happily from subversion. I'm sure theres other  


On 5 Aug 2007, at 05:55, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 4. Aug 2007, at 09:42, Thomas Aylott (subtleGradient) wrote:
>> [...]
>> Switching to git won't really change much of anything in the short  
>> term. And you should be able to ramp up and make it completely  
>> first class integrated for TM2.
> Switching to a distributed version control system (DSCM) is not  
> motivated by the user experience but rather the development/ 
> contribution process (and removing my role as gatekeeper / janitor)  
> -- and something I would like to do as soon as I am convinced one  
> of the existing DSCM systems is the right choice, not couple this  
> with TM2 in any particular way.
> It would be great if TM itself can use the DSCM to maintain bundle  
> changes locally -- how realistic that is, I am not really sure though.
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