[TxMt] Re: Insert hard wraps

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Wed Apr 18 17:53:05 UTC 2007

On 18. Apr 2007, at 18:33, rowkajjh wrote:

> Allan Odgaard <throw-away-1 at macromates.com>
> wrote:
>> On 18. Apr 2007, at 17:03, Robert W. Kuhn wrote:
>>> Allan Odgaard:
>>>> Or you can pipe the paragraph through: fold -sw$TM_COLUMNS
>>> Is there any program (or script) that respects the quotation  
>>> marks? It
>>> should a paragraph from
>> Quotation marks? What do you mean?
> Sorry, bad english. I mean citation marks ('>')?!
> And http://www.nicemice.net/par/ does the job.

Ah, we have ⌃Q call par when the scope is markup.quote — so  
granted you have selected a language grammar that marks up quoted  
text (like Markdown or the Mail grammar) then ⌃Q should do the right  
thing :)

The command is btw in the Mail bundle.

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