[TxMt] Anybody else who LIKES to use the mouse?

Ed Wong wonge at rogers.com
Fri Apr 13 14:35:29 UTC 2007

All right, I'll bite.

As a long time user of an "alternate OS and development editor" before
switching to the Mac 7 years ago, I love the power and speed of doing as
much as possible with only a keyboard. I've yet to find an editor in the Mac
Universe that holds up to the same rush that I got from developing with that
editor. For me it was like making music with a piano.

I think it partly depends on how one edits and on how one thinks while
writing code but I find doing things with a mouse to be inherently slow and
it interrupts my train of thought while I'm writing.

Of course anything that gets me away from my computer and onto my bike or
into my running shoes quicker gets my vote.

My name is Ed and I like to use the keyboard! ;-)

P.S. No mouse was hurt or used while sending this.

On 4/13/07 10:10 AM, "Gerd Knops" <gerti-textmate at bitart.com> wrote:

> OK, so we know there are plenty of people here that would like to be
> able to do everything with the keyboard so they have to reach over to
> the mouse as little as possible.
> Me, I confess I use the mouse ALL the time:
> - Moving more than 2 lines? Use the mouse...
> - Making ANY kind of selection? Use the mouse...
> - Browse through code? Use the mouse...
> ...
> I never could get the hang of using a gazillion shortcuts to make the
> cursor fly, and I have been programming professionally (well, at
> least making a living of it) for 25 years.
> So am I really alone, or are there others out there like me? If yes,
> please speak up! I think we need to join and speak up, so that Alan
> knows we exist and stops catering exclusively to the "keyboard only"
> users!
> My name is Gerd, and I like to use the mouse!
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