[TxMt] Key equivalents etc. not working after svn up

Dave Rosoff rosoff at math.washington.edu
Thu Sep 28 18:24:05 UTC 2006


After reading on this list about all the great recent updates to the 
Latex bundle I decided to svn-up all the bundles I've installed:

> cd /Library/Application\ Support/Textmate/Bundles
> svn up

Then I used the "Reload Bundles" command from inside TextMate.

Now an odd thing is happening. The old key equivalents don't seem to work 
for the Latex-bundle commands anymore, even though they are the same in 
the menu. Similarly they do not appear in the Use Bundle Item... dialog 
when I summon it with Ctrl-Cmd-T. Suggestions? TIA for your help.


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