[TxMt] A Visual Enhancement

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Wed Sep 27 12:24:36 UTC 2006

On 27/9/2006, at 14:06, Steve Steiner wrote:

> [...] I have trouble finding the 'found' text.  The line hilight  
> doesn't seem to become active until an arrow key (or something) is  
> pressed to make the 'found' hilight go away.  I find this  
> incredibly annoying, personally.  I'd like the line hilight to take  
> effect immediately after a find while the found text was still  
> hilighted.

Just FYI (and anyone else) I am aware of the problem and will provide  
a few enhancements in this regard in 2.0 or later.

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