[TxMt] howto help: new user can't figure out HTML completion

Textmate List User Ivy textmate at caspiandesign.com
Mon Sep 25 03:45:58 UTC 2006


I'm watching Putting Flickr on Rails
(http://www.rubyonrails.com/screencasts) and see the presenter using
TextMate with completion for a new HTML file. Great! How do I "turn it

Just want to set it and use it. I open a new doc, "application.rhml" in my
rails tree in folder, "layout" and type "doctype" and hit "esc"...nothing
happens - no, I take that back. Textmate beeps at me.

I don't want to become a textmate expert or wade through a lot of
documentation. Is it a bundle setting? A keystroke sequence? Bad karma?
I've gotten pretty good at BBedit in my day, so I'm not daunted by
configuration, but I don't want to (re-)learn unix or vm or whatever to
understand this.

And searching the list archine (http://macromates.com/community) isn't
quickly, concisely yeilding the answer (in the first two pages of results
for "how to use completion".

Please answer this probably incredibly simple question, or point me to the
tutuorial, thread, post or URL where the answer is found.



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