[TxMt] CSS bundle - property name pair matching weirdness

minimal design textmate at minimaldesign.net
Mon Sep 25 00:06:59 UTC 2006

Until yesterday, when I entered ":" after a class/id property name like:

.class  {

As soon as I hit the ":" I'd get ": ;" with a space after the ":"  
ready to type the value.  Now, suddenly I get no space anymore...   
Which is prety annoying because I finally got used to the space being  
there automatically...  Worse even: when I go to work tomorrow, my  
version of TM there is probably going to insert that space and I'm  
going to go nuts switching between the 2 versions everyday... :'(

I looked at CSS bundle prefs for PropertyName: {	smartTypingPairs =  
( ( ':', ';' ) ); }  but I don't see where the space came from before  
and I didn't change anything there anyway...  I don't really care  
either if I get the space automatically or not, but it took me a  
while to get used to it when TM first started to do that (I kept on  
inserting an extra space for like 2 weeks...) so what bothers me is  
that behavior changed... again... and I have no idea why.

Happened to anyone else before?

I did remove all the customized bundles and restarted TM fresh, but  
the auto insertion of the space is still gone...

Thanks for any help!

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