[TxMt] Split the project drawer?

David Rogers al.the.x at gmail.com
Fri Sep 22 16:11:44 UTC 2006

Hi, I'm another (mostly) happy (more like nigh-elated) textmate user. 
Does anyone recall this thread? How about this comment regarding 
multiple panes in the Project drawer:

> You can't currently do anything nearly so complex.
> You CAN make groups of files, however.
> Just select a few files and the "group this stuff" command is it the
> little widget menu at the bottom of the drawer.
> This can actually speed textmate up quite a bit if you're working on
> a remote volume.

Does anyone know of any conditions that would prevent files from being 
grouped? I've been trying to select a number of files for grouping, and 
encountered no success. I've selected files in the same folder 
reference, different folder references, files and folders in the same 
and different folder references, everything I can think of. The "Group 
Selected Files..." option in the widget / ctrl-click menu, however, is 
always grayed out (disabled). Any suggestions?


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