[TxMt] Web preview and PHP files

José Campos jose.campos+tm at galacsys.com
Wed Sep 20 17:19:54 UTC 2006

Andreas Pardeike <andreas at pardeike.net> wrote:

> Huh? I am I the only one that has figured this out? Simply open the Web
> Preview in TextMate and click on the Show Options checkbox (btw, using a
> *checkbox* for this feature isn't really the recommended way). Then, in
> the drawer that opens, enable Pipe text through and make sure the text
> field below reads /usr/bin/perl. 

    /usr/bin/php rather? Anyway, your trick works fine for PHP code
embeded in (X)HTML files, that's a good starting-point. And working with
two displays is even better than a split screen :)


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