[TxMt] Remind Bundle

Mark Eli Kalderon m.kalderon at ucl.ac.uk
Wed Sep 20 16:49:30 UTC 2006

I am very happy to see remind being supported. (Thanks, Haris!) I  
have two comments/observations, though.

First, though it is good practice to scope commands, there is a  
reason to leave the display of your calendar unscoped. As it stands,  
these receive the scope of source.remind. That means in order to view  
your calendar, you need to navigate to your remind file(s). If they  
are unscoped, you can view your calendar on the fly while working on  
unrelated files.

Second, about the Remind-->Show-->This Month command. Why not use the  
rem2html command? The output is more readable, and anyway it seems  
odd to have html output of text---all that is being added is the nice  

A screenshot for comparison and an alternative monthly command can be  
found at:


(As anyone may gather from the screenshot, term here in London begins  
in October.)

All the best, Mark
Mark Eli Kalderon
Department of Philosophy
University College London
Gower Street
London WC1E 6BT

Dept webpage: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/philosophy
Personal wepage: http://www.kalderon.demon.co.uk

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