[TxMt] Re: EOL shortcut

Dave Winzler dave at nkvt.com
Tue Sep 19 17:24:01 UTC 2006

On Sep 19, 2006, at 10:50 AM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> So the key bindings were not “messed up”, they were deliberately  
> changed. And while it generally would appear as they do the same  
> as ⌥(⇧)→ and ⌥(⇧)←, they also visit “sub word  
> boundaries”.

Sorry, Allan, the new functionality doesn't buy me anything and it  
took away something I've being using since I switched to TextMate a  
year ago. There are probably people that benefit from the sub-word  
jumps, but I select to EOL/BOL way too often to want to give up the  

On Sep 19, 2006, at 10:50 AM, Steve Lianoglou wrote:
> [cmd] + [left/right arrow] jumps you around beginning/end of line ...
> For the record, that all works for me as intended: Version 1.5.3  
> (1258)

It does for me too, but if you add the shift key to the mix (select  
to BOL/EOL) the shortcut breaks :(

I'm generally open to change, love TextMate dearly, and rely on it  
heavily. Consistency between apps is really important to me, and  
TextMate does different things with shift-ctl-arrows than the other  
apps I live in (like Mail, textarea boxes in Safari, and TextEdit).  
So I either have to live with TextMate's inconsistency or keep  
modifying TextMate's KeyBindings file or messing with iKey to map my  
keypresses into something that works with TextMate.

BTW, what is TextMate's official "select to EOL" shortcut anyway?

	- Dave
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