[TxMt] Find in Bundle Editor

Jeremy Bernstein listorama at expr-i0.net
Mon Sep 18 21:09:49 UTC 2006

There seems to be a bug in the Find function within the Bundle Editor.

1. Launch TextMate
2. Open the Bundle Editor
3. Navigate to, for instance, the C Grammar
4. Perform a Find for "function.c"
5. Perform a Find for "prototype"
6. Close the Bundle Editor and/or the Find window, reopen and try again.
7. Make a sad face

Sometimes, if I close both the Bundle Editor and Find windows, it  
works, but usually not.

Oh, I just did an archive search and see that this was reported in  
January. Well, maybe it was forgotten? *bump*

Cheers & thanks - this software is really great.

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