[TxMt] Re: EOL shortcut

Fritz Anderson fritza at manoverboard.org
Mon Sep 18 18:14:21 UTC 2006

On 18 Sep 2006, at 12:53 PM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 15/9/2006, at 17:22, Michael Glassford wrote:
>> For me, ctrl + left/right arrow does the same thing as cmd + left/ 
>> right arrow (move to the beginning or the end of the current  
>> line). Any idea why?
>> I'm using TextMate 1.5.3 [...]
> Would that be 1.5.3 (r1258) available only by switching software  
> update checks to “Cutting Edge” in system preferences?

I see the same thing with 1.5.3 [1215].

The same change to control-arrow behavior came to Xcode when I  
installed Xcode 2.2 (or maybe 2.3). I wonder if Xcode, or some other  
"helpful" program changed the meaning to the Windows Standard globally.

I'm looking at you, Office.

	-- F

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