[TxMt] various little ruby indentation/folding annoyances

Patrick Gundlach textmate at contextgarden.net
Fri Sep 15 13:27:16 UTC 2006

Hello all,

I am using the ruby bundle a lot, and I like it so much! But there are
some annoyances where I have to decide between using TM/folding
or rewriting my code. IMO the editor/grammar should not be confused by
correct ruby syntax. I am using the latest textmate (downloaded today,
1258) and don't have any changes to the ruby bundle. I know, I could
fix these in my copy of the ruby bundle, but I'd like to see the fixes
in the distribution. Thanks in advance,


b       # <--- I'd like to have no indentation here on 'reindent' 
c}      # missing folding marker

lines.collect do |line|
end.class   # missing folding marker

tmp = lines.somemeth { |l|
	}.foo        # missing folding marker, wrong indentation

a = myvar.each do |x| x.foo end

def baz
	a=case foo   # missing folding marker (or the one at the end is one too many)
when :b        # and incorrect indentation
when :d

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