[TxMt] EOL shortcut

Dave Winzler dave at nkvt.com
Fri Sep 15 11:55:56 UTC 2006

Up until a few days ago I've used ctl-rightArrow to move to the end  
of the current line in TextMate, and shift-ctl-rightArrow to extend  
the selection to the end of line. Now it seems those commands move to/ 
select the next word, and are the same as opt-rightArrow and shift- 
opt-rightArrow respectively.

It's entirely possible that I changed something on my end, but I'm  
wondering if anyone else is seeing this? I'm using TextMate 1.5.3  
(1258), and this started happening about two cutting-edge versions ago.

FWIW, ctl-rightArrow (and shift version) still work the way they  
should in my other programs like Mail.app and TextEdit. It's only in  
TextMate that they act weird.

	- Dave

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