[TxMt] OCaml Syntax Highlighting

William D. Neumann wneumann at cs.unm.edu
Thu Sep 14 20:33:50 UTC 2006

On Thu, 14 Sep 2006, Jeremy Cowgar wrote:

> Can someone verify? I have posted two screen shots:
> http://lifewithchrist.org/OCaml_tm.png <- wrong way
> http://lifewithchrist.org/OCaml_tm_correct.png <- right way

What revision of the language grammar are you using?  I made a change 
yesterday that should have fixed that (if you do the show scope command 
when on name, something, etc. when wrong, do you see a 
meta.type-declaration.ocaml in there?  if so, that should have been fixed 
in revision 5204).

William D. Neumann


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