[TxMt] Re: Blue screen?

Bob Sidebotham bob.sidebotham at gmail.com
Thu Sep 14 20:00:57 UTC 2006

Oops--Just stumbled on the reason for this behavior. The file in question is
a perl file, and there is a "here is" string defined. The here is string is
being hi-lighted in a light-blue, but the perl parser evidently doesn't
recognize the end of the string, so the remainder of the file is
highlighted. When I was searching, I was being transported into the middle
of the blue area, and made the mistaken assumption that the blue was somehow
associated with the find operation. After all, the screen turned blue when I
did the find, right?

Silly me. Still, there is a bug in the perl parser, or whatever it's called
in Textmate (which is not all that surprising)...


On 9/14/06, Bob Sidebotham <bob.sidebotham at gmail.com> wrote:
> When doing multiple finds, the textmate window goes a light shade of blue,
> and then stays that way unless I search backwards. How do I turn this off,
> and what is it supposed to mean? I've looked in the manual, and don't see
> anything about this (not under Find).
> Thanks,
> Bob Sidebotham
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