[TxMt] Regarding the LaTeX bundle

Max Lein realoreocookie at gmx.de
Thu Sep 14 10:31:19 UTC 2006

> Yes that should be doable, at least in the case where the (fold),  
> (end) pair is used, once we capture that case in the grammar. The  
> reason it works with environments is because I can set the input to  
> the current scope, so provided each entire section gets its own  
> scope, it should be doable.
> Similarly, the Change Environment command could be made to work for  
> sections as well, allowing you to quickly change a section to, say,  
> a subsection, with automatic renaming of the label prefix as well  
> as the % section (end) part.
I would also suggest that you make the fold marks specific to that  
part, i. e. (end section) or something like that.

Not only does it make the code more readable, but I suppose it's also  
easier to filter and look for the right (end) …


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