[TxMt] Recreating bbinclude in TextMate?

Peder Axensten peder at axensten.se
Mon Sep 11 13:30:20 UTC 2006

A month later I pick up the thread...

Firstly: I'm very glad to see persistent includes in TextMate!! Thanks!!
Will there be a way to update a whole site, e.g. all files in a  
certain directory?

There are a couple of things I can't get to work. I have the latest  
cutting edge TextMate version, do I also need some extra bundle or  

I get persistant includes to work as long as I have a relative path  
from the source directory to the template, but not if I start from  
the project directory. In the case quoted below I get an error that  
there is no "<from root>/about/tmpl/header.tmpl" -- it starts the  
relative path from the soure's directory, not from the project  
directory. What am I missing?

And the #relative# marker is left untouched even when I make the  
template found? E.g., #localtime %Y-%m-%e# does work.

Any help appreciated!

On 9 aug 2006, at 01.24, Brad Choate wrote:

> The #relative# placeholder is supported now, with the latest  
> version of the HTML bundle from macromates.com's subversion  
> repository. The placeholder assumes the root of your project  
> directory is the root of your site, for relative location. So if  
> your project looks like this:
>     about/
>         index.html
>     images/
>         logo.jpg
>     tmpl/
>         header.ttmpl
> And you have an index.html file in the 'about' directory, that says...
>     <!-- tminclude file="tmpl/header.tmpl" #title#="About Us..." -->
> With header.tmpl under the 'tmpl' directory containing this...
>     <img src="#relative#images/logo.jpg" class="logo" />
>     <h2>#title#</h2>
> That would expand within the index.html file as
>     <img src="../images/logo.jpg" class="logo" />
>     <h2>About Us...</h2>

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