[TxMt] New user - PHP question

George Crawford g.o.crawford at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 18:06:13 UTC 2006

Thanks. Another stupid newbie question - how do I set the default  
language for new .php files to PHP rather than HTML?




On 8 Sep 2006, at 15:31, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 8/9/2006, at 15:31, Derek Belrose wrote:
>> When setting the language to PHP, you get the full range of Syntax
>> highlighting, code folding, etc.  When in HTML mode, you get the  
>> syntax
>> highlighting, but that's about it.
> The only thing extra is the PHP folding patterns. Everything else  
> related to PHP is available (and active) when inside a <?php … ?> tag.
> I will merge the PHP folding patterns so that they are the same  
> (when using HTML as language).
> For a long time the PHP grammar was not supposed to be used stand- 
> alone (for other than testing “raw” PHP) -- but since so many kept  
> selecting it as top language, I moved matching of <?php … ?> from  
> the HTML grammar to the PHP grammar, so it would work (as people  
> expected), so today the only disadvantage of using PHP as top  
> language is, that one will not get HTML coloring for the stuff  
> outside the <?php … ?> tags.
> An advantage of using PHP as top language might be that the PHP  
> (source) is not scoped as being “embedded” in HTML (text), so for  
> example if using the All Hallows Eve theme, one will get the normal  
> source code background color (black) rather than the text  
> background color (dark grey) with the “embedded” PHP in a black  
> (very large) box.
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