[TxMt] New user - PHP question

George Crawford g.o.crawford at gmail.com
Fri Sep 8 13:58:42 UTC 2006

Thanks - that's enough reason for me!



On 8 Sep 2006, at 14:31, Derek Belrose wrote:

> George Crawford wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> New TextMate user here. I will be using it in the main for PHP
>> development. I understand that when writing PHP scripts that include
>> portions of HTML outside the PHP tags, one should set the document
>> language to HTML. This makes sense. However, for PHP files with no
>> HTML portions (such as I am working on), should I set the language to
>> HTML or PHP? Can you explain the difference, and the benefits or
>> drawbacks of each option?
> George,
> When setting the language to PHP, you get the full range of Syntax
> highlighting, code folding, etc.  When in HTML mode, you get the  
> syntax
> highlighting, but that's about it.  I experienced this the other day
> when I found out that the HTML PHP mode doesn't include code folding
> which is a serious drawback to me, but I can work around it...plus I
> don't like embedding PHP too much in my HTML :)
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