[TxMt] Trouble buying TextMate in France?

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Thu Sep 7 18:51:17 UTC 2006

On 7/9/2006, at 10:13, Alan Schmitt wrote:

> [...] This might be a peculiarity of using Paypal from France, but  
> I was wondering if others had had the same bad experience, and how  
> they managed to get around it. TextMate is great, but I only have 3  
> demo days left :(

I do seem to recall having dealt with more from France than other  
countries, where PayPal did not accept their credit card. But the  
number of rejected credit cards is probably one per mille or so, so  
it’s not a major problem.

Please write tm-sales (at) macromates.com and I will provide you with  
an alternative payment method.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

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