[TxMt] scoping blank lines

Oliver Taylor oliver at ollieman.net
Tue Sep 5 02:47:37 UTC 2006

In my language I'm using:

     {	name = 'meta.blank.line';
       match = '^\n';

which works great for identifying blank lines.

The problem comes when I get to the last line of the document.  
Textmate usually uses the character to the right of the caret for  
scoping, but when at the end of the document the scope switches to  
the left side of the caret. And because I'm on an empty line there's  
nothing to match.

So is it even possible to scope the last line of the document when  
it's empty?

I thought I had an answer with \z but Textmate doesn't seem to  
support \z  in the language grammar - or maybe I'm using it totally  

Any help is appreciated.


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