[TxMt] java ant [run]

Jerzy Gangi jerzy at jhu.edu
Fri Sep 1 18:13:06 UTC 2006

Allen -

Cool, thank you.


1) Yes, when I was using XCode bundle I was doing the Build & Run  
command.  I did NOT import, but followed directions someone had  
(maybe it was on your wiki) put the textmate project file and the  
xcode project file in the same path.  Again, that seemed to work, but  
was not getting anything "back" from ant.
2) I have been doing this on my new Macbook pro and I haven't touched  
the /etc/profile or ~/bash_login or ~/bash_profile.  I followed the  
directions on 8.2 Search Path: my bash_init.sh and ~/.bash_profile  
are identical to the ones in the manual.  No luck - same problem: ant  
runs, when you quit the app, everything displays.
3) I did check in the shell (using Terminal) and running ant there  
works as in XCode: the targets are displayed as they are run, and my  
lovely println() statements shine thru.

Sorry, I've never done anything beyond creating symbolic links and  
using top in the shell.  Not really my forte.  But your wiki pages  
are nice and helped, on this subject and everything else I've  


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