[TxMt] Error with Ruby->Run Rake Task

James Edward Gray II james at grayproductions.net
Fri Sep 1 14:54:03 UTC 2006

On Sep 1, 2006, at 4:36 AM, Jon Evans wrote:

> Hi,
> This used to work fine at one point, but has now been broken for a  
> few weeks.

Hmm, I haven't changed anything in RakeMate recently.

> From my rails app I call up Ruby->Run Rake Task.  I choose "deploy"  
> from the list of tasks, and get the following output (apologies for  
> wrapping):

> /usr/local/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:27:  
> command not found: svn log -q -rhead https://my.svn.server/repos/ 
> my_app-portal/rails/my_app/trunk

Clearly the issue is that Subversion is not found.  RakeMate just  
does a piped-open to Rake to run the task, so it's pretty likely  
Subversion is not in your path at the time of the call.

The reason and fix are described here:


You want the "Important" section towards the end.

Hope that helps.

James Edward Gray II

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