[TxMt] HTML Navbar, proof of concept

Brett Terpstra brett at circlesixdesign.com
Tue Oct 24 12:24:32 UTC 2006

Here's what I'm doing with the repeating tab stops, using </ul> as  
the tab trigger.  I end up creating one of these on every site I  
design, so this will make things easier.  They all follow the same  
format, and if there are multiple lists, they just change ids.  I  
have not yet accounted for nested or dropdown menus.


Create Navbar:
<ul id="${1:navbar}"}>
	<li class="${2/[[:alpha:]]+|( )/(?1:_:\L$0)/g}"><a href="${3:#}">$2</ 

Tab Trigger: Navbar

Create Navbar Menu Item:

	<li class="${1/[[:alpha:]]+|( )/(?1:_:\L$0)/g}"><a href="${2:#}">$1</ 

Tab Trigger: </ul>

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