[TxMt] How to type Chinese or Japanese with TextMate?

Hans-Joerg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Fri Oct 13 19:21:34 UTC 2006

How to type Chinese or Japanese with TextMate?

Sometimes I have to write scripts, html pages, etc. with Chinese,  
Japanese, Korean, etc. strings.
The problem is that within TextMate I cannot use e.g. Kotoeri (the  
Japanese Input Editor) because I don't see what I'm typing. In order  
to avoid to change to an other program I wrote a very easy code  
snippet with CocoaDialog's textbox feature.

Here is one way to use my suggestion:

- open the Bundle Editor
- Show all
- go to the folder 'TextMate' (or whatever)
- add a new command 'inputCJK' (or whatever)
Command data
- Save: nothing
- Command(s):

# open CocoaDialog's textbox
res=$(CocoaDialog textbox \
       --title "Input CJK" \
       --informative-text "Write up here..." \
       --selected \
       --scroll-top top \
       --editable \
       --no-newline \
       --button1 "Insert" \
       --button2 "Cancel")
# If user canceled exit.
[[ $( (tail -r <<<"$res") | tail -n1)  == "2" ]] && \
# delete first line
res=$(sed '1,1d' <<<"$res")
# print the content of the textbox
echo -n "$res"

Input: None
Output: Insert as Snippet
Activation: Key Equivalent shift+option+i (or whatever)
Scope: leave it empty

With the help of this script you are able to use Kotoeri or other IME  
within TM indirectly.
I know that isn't the most elegant way but for writing small scripts  
using some Japanese, Chinese strings is quite good.
Of course, TM has some problems to display Chinese characaters but, as  
I mentioned before, for smaller things it is sufficient. ;)

Hopefully the very tiny script is useful for others as well. Feedback  
is highly welcomed.

Many greetings,

Hans-Jörg Bibiko

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