[TxMt] indentNextLinePattern in C bundle not working?

Allan Odgaard throw-away-1 at macromates.com
Wed Nov 22 22:54:43 UTC 2006

On 22. Nov 2006, at 20:51, Wesley Griffin wrote:

> I'm trying to figure out why, when I type something like this:
> void foo(int bar,
> int baz)
> it does not get indented like the manual says it should according  
> to indentNextLinePattern?
> I've also found that this:
> if (foo)
> printf("blah");
> also doesn't get automatically indented.

When you say automatically indented, you mean while you type? The  
indentNextLinePattern is not applied while typing, only the other  
patterns are.

What I have personally done is, recorded a macro which types a semi- 
colon and then invokes the Indent Line action from the Text menu, and  
bound this macro to the ;-key.

That way the current line is properly indented, when I “terminate” it.

Since I think the indent patterns for C/C++ are pretty good by now,  
it might be time to add this macro to the default C bundle.

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