[TxMt] LATEX Bundle : Missing(perhaps) features

Alain Matthes alain.matthes at mac.com
Tue Nov 21 08:40:52 UTC 2006

Hello (sorry for my bad english)

1) Insert a macro applied at a selection :

selection --> \<caret and  choice>{selection}  --> \macro{selection}

If i want to apply a macro like \fbox or colorbox, i would like to  
make this :

i've an expression $\gamma\leq3$ and i want \fbox{$\gamma\leq3$}

i would like to select $\gamma\leq3$ and with a shortcut get this:

\<caret>{$\gamma\leq3$} and now i can write  fbox or colorbox ?

I miss the feature ?

2) Is it a possible in a special environment to use a special langage  
and/or a special coloring syntax and/or a special completion ??

for exemple

\begin{pspicture} ....  \end{pdpicture}


\begin{tikzpicture} ....  \end{tikzpicture}

I give these environments because there are rich with a lot of macros  
like beamer, listings

Greetings Alain Matthes

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