An update (Re: [TxMt] Subversion bundle messes up Eclipse/Subclipse/Subversive)

J. B. Rainsberger jbrains762 at
Thu Nov 9 14:30:52 UTC 2006

Allan Odgaard wrote:
> On 9. Nov 2006, at 05:52, J. B. Rainsberger wrote:
>> [...]
>> I diffed the .svn/entries file, and one is some text format and the 
>> other is XML. Is this a difference in the Subversion client versions? 
>> Does the TextMate Subversion bundle use a different client version 
>> than the Subclipse/Subversive client? How would I tell?
> TextMate uses your installed svn client.
> Likely Subclipse links with libsvn or similar.
> When you use svn 1.4 with a repository, the format of files are updated 
> in a non-backwards-compatible way. So it might be, that you have 1.4 on 
> disk, but Subclipse is based on 1.3.

Thank you; I eventually figured that out. You responded before I got to 
update my thread. :) My subconscious needed time to remind my conscious 
that I'd read about the file format change a while ago.

Take care.
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