[TxMt] Re: Writing Bundle [was: Lookup current word in Dictionary.app]

Jacob Rus jrus at hcs.harvard.edu
Tue Nov 7 09:56:25 UTC 2006

Jacob Rus wrote:
> 4. A spell-check command, that either somehow uses the built-in 
> spell-check, or pulls up suggestions from some other tool (aspell perhaps).

Apparently this is possible with ⌥F2.  I'm not sure this is my favorite 
shortcut for this, or that the system spell checker is necessarily all 
that I want it to be, but this is probably sufficient for now.

> 7. We could have some commands for looking the current word/selection up 
> in various online references.  Immediately obvious choices are websters, 
> wikipedia, and a generic google search, but it would be nice to allow 
> people to add their own (I have access to the Oxford English Dictionary 
> through school, for example)

Okay, I guess the web searches bundle already does this.  Well, maybe we 
should get a keyboard shortcut that exists on Mac laptops then.  Also, I 
was thinking a bit of putting up a tooltip with the first paragraph or 
so, instead of necessarily going to the page.


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