[TxMt] treat as binary?

David Eriksson bbs at fatslice.com
Mon Nov 6 14:33:25 UTC 2006

Replying on my own mail.. But, TM has been my friend for a year or so 
until now (automatic updated).

"Projects" I've been working on, searching these makes mate "crash" 
(I need to force quit the app) due to the endless beach ball..

I guess something has changed in the new revision so All binary files 
in my directory/project is searched when doing "Find in project"

How can I solve this!?

(creating projects and using treat as bin is no option. I just want 
.psd, .avi or whatever to be ignored.)


>I never use projects in textmate, just
>mate /dev/projectname/
>When browsing files or searching the project, Texmate sometimes 
>crashes and I guess it's because of TM is searching the binary files 
>Treat as binary is lost as soon as I reopen the "project" in TM.
>I would prefer to set some extensions globally in TM and this should 
>also affect the behaviour when doubleclicking a file in the 
>project-pane using the Mac OS association
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