[TxMt] new Hypersearch release with history list

Hans-Joerg Bibiko bibiko at eva.mpg.de
Fri Nov 3 13:52:17 UTC 2006

Dear all,

thanks for the feedback.

I changed the following:

- the tm_dialog remembers the last screen position
- add an history list for search patterns
-- default 5, but changeable via environment variable (see help)
-- if you choose the last item from the history list it will be placed  
on top of that list
- self-repair mechanism
-- if the syntax of the plist is not valid, Hypersearch will use the  
default one
- look for an empty string will open a tooltip
- the HTML window will be displayed if there is something to display  
(thanks Brad)

Feedback is always welcomed.

All the best,


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