Simple textmate applescripting question ([TxMt] TermMate bug)

Paul McCann paul.mccann at
Wed Nov 1 01:07:25 UTC 2006

Bill wrote...

> OK, I think this should work for iTerm.  It opens a new tab and  
> goes to the directory corresponding to the file displayed in the  
> frontmost TextMate window:

Thanks for the script: I experimented with this a bit, and it seems  
to trip over (yawn inducing, I know...) spaces in either the  
directory path or the filename. So it's probably a matter or  
inserting some ugly quotes into the commands, as per my modified  
version below. It'd also be nice to cover the case when it's  
mistakenly called it without a file open, so I've thrown in a minimal  
try loop to cover that. Finally, a "clear" command gets rid of the  
ugly dirname command in the new terminal window. Those who don't have  
the working dir as part of their prompt might want to keep that in  
there to give a clue as to where they've been dropped. Anyway, for  
what it's worth (and sorry for making your clean script ugly!),  
here's my version.

[I'm saving this as an app in Script Editor and calling it from QS.  
Wow, applescript's a *lot* faster than the last time I looked at it.  
I guess having a shiny new machine also helps!]


tell application "TextMate"
		set ThePath to path of the first document
	on error
		display dialog "No file open?"
	end try
end tell

set ArgString to "$( dirname " & "\"" & ThePath & "\"" & ")"

tell application "iTerm"
	make new terminal
	tell the first terminal
		activate current session
		launch session "Default Session"
		tell the last session
			write text "cd " & "\"" & ArgString & "\""
			write text "clear"
		end tell
	end tell
end tell

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