[TxMt] Performance issues

Soryu Soryu at serenity.de
Sat May 27 00:24:56 UTC 2006

> 1) saying it's up to par with Eclipse is just laughable, and so  
> self-evidently false that I'll leave it at that.  Anyone wanting to  
> debate the finer points of this are welcome to, but I'm not sure  
> the list is up to it.  :)  Just e-mail me directly.
> 2) I have no problem calling it more that RegEx; call it what you  
> will.  It is powerful, and can do wonders.  I'm impressed with it's  
> abilities.  But.  It is still BUILT upon RegEx, and runs a RegEx  
> engine, and therefore, is going to be much slower that what  
> Eclipse, Visual SlickEdit, and BBEdit provide (just the editors of  
> these products; not the full products).

So, comparing TextMate with Eclipse? Actually I started a job just  
some weeks ago and have to work with Eclipse/Win. (Unfortunately not  
Java, but PHP mostly). So there is no refactoring of any kind, funny  
code completion (it scans the whole project and lets you select an  
implementation of a method that is defined anywhere when it could  
really just open the implementation of the parent class I'm calling).  
Eclipse has no means of macros whatsoever, lacks all the advanced  
editing, customization and enhancement (ok, easy enhancement, tried  
to write a serious eclipse plugin once?) options of TextMate?

And as you laugh about the comparison on point one, I can only shake  
my head about your statement two. Just go and write an incremental  
compiler for all the languages TextMate supports and come back to us  
here. Also compare the age and maturity of TextMate to, say BBEdit.  
And how easily the user can enhance it. Sure it's not open source  
(you pointed that out earlier) but it does not have IBM and several  
other major players behind it, but one man. Your criticism in honour,  
that is always welcome, but you should be a little considerate of  
these things.

All in all, TextMate is surely not perfect, nor is any other editor.  
The performance issues bit me at some points, like when trying to  
open a colloquy log (iirc) which saves it as xml, all on one line, so  
I had a million characters sitting there. And that is an issue of how  
the text/glyphs/whatever is rendered by TextMate, because of ATSUI.  
I'm not into that, but I can understand when the developer says, he  
can't simply change the way of how everything is displayed. And this  
has come up in the past, so you should have searched the list. Back  
then we were also told about future directions and the internal  
editing component will be the revamped in the future. All of that is  
findable on this list, I'm sure. The version numbers which were  
talked about back then, are no longer acurate though.

Good night,

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