[TxMt] Easy insert image? (HTML)

Sean Schertell sean at datafly.net
Mon May 22 02:53:37 UTC 2006

> On May 19, 2006, at 8:50 PM, Sean Schertell wrote:
>> Is there any way in TM to insert an image into my HTML doc sort of  
>> the way Dreamweaver does it?  I'd like to be able to click a  
>> shortcut, the finder window pops-up so I can choose the file, the  
>> image tag gets inserted with the correct filename and height/width  
>> attributes.  Any way to do this?
>> Thanks!
>> Sean
> You should be able to just drag the image where you want the tag.
> If you're in HTML it'll create the link for you with height & width.
> There's no open dialog for it, you have to drag is from the finder  
> or Quicksilver or command drag it from the dock, etc...

Hmm... that's a bit of a disappointment that the only way to get auto  
height/width is with the mouse.  Is it possible to add this  
functionality with a command?  Any plans to add this functionality to  
TM in the future?


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