[TxMt] saving without trailing spaces and tabs...

Domenico Carbotta domenico.carbotta at fastwebnet.it
Tue Mar 21 14:05:11 UTC 2006

macroing for dummies ;)
(no, I'm not saying you're dummy, it's just a joke on the book serie :)

open a random file (don't create a new file, otherwise it'll ask for  
the file name when saving and we don't want it to happen)
automation -> start macro recording
edit -> find and replace (as in the previous message)
file -> save
automation -> stop macro recording
automation -> save scratch macro
name it whatever you want ;)
then focus the "key equivalent" field and press cmd+S
go to the "scope" field and insert "source" if you only want it to be  
applied on source code (vs. "normal" text files)

and I think we should call this macro "hurt goblins".



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