[TxMt] Growl instead of tool tips

Duane Johnson duane.johnson at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 19:42:50 UTC 2006

On Mar 2, 2006, at 6:11 AM, Allan Odgaard wrote:

> On 1/3/2006, at 17:03, Fred B. wrote:
>> 1) How can I catch the output of svn commands?
> Currently not really possible w/o editing them. But we could work  
> in e.g. a bash (or Ruby) function into the command init which we  
> use for “status information”, and that functcion could optionally  
> be sourced from a location in ~ -- that way, the user would be able  
> to provide his own status information hooks.
> But I am not entirely sure what the best approach is here.
>> 2) More generally, wouldn't it be nice to add Growl to the output  
>> options? What do you think Allan?
> I am not really liking that -- Growl is an optional install, so not  
> all will have it, meaning that TM shoukd probably hide the option,  
> when Growl isn’t installed, and have commands fall back to tool tip  
> output or similar.
> If that becomes the case, I would much rather see that handled  
> entirely as a bash (or Ruby) function, which commands then make use  
> of, as that is more extensible and (to me) appears less hardcoded.
> As for tool tips, I think the suggestions (from Brad) about a)  
> ignoring mouse movement e.g. for the first 1-2 seconds, and/or b)  
> require a little more mousing for it to hide, would be nice  
> improvements.

How about supporting the new CocoaDialog 2.0 "bubble" dialog[1]?  If  
it could be tied in to work with Growl, that would be a nice way to  
make a standard status information box with optional growl support.

Duane Johnson

[1] See http://cocoadialog.sourceforge.net/ 
documentation.html#bubble_control for a screenshot and http:// 
cocoadialog.sourceforge.net/examples.html#bubble for example code.

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