[TxMt] Go To Symbol and Friends

David Watson watson at designadvance.com
Thu Jun 8 16:22:07 UTC 2006

On 6/8/06 12:10 AM, "Gerd Knops" <gerti-textmate at bitart.com> wrote:

>>> [...] I recall this being common in IDE land, something like "Go
>>> To Definition".
>> This does sound much like ctags functionality.

Thanks, I wasn't aware of ctags.

Indeed, while ctags seems like the solution, my case is actually a bit more
complex than it appears. I have to use this hybrid language that's a mix of
lisp and C. One of the things that turned me on to textmate, was that I
could just tell textmate to treat these files as lisp, and it behaved
accordingly, simply ignoring the elements that it didn't understand. At
least that was my impression. This works wonderfully.

The problem with ctags is that they try to infer the file type based on the
extension, and some other bits described in their man page. I didn't see any
way of simply telling ctags that "these are lisp files, act accordingly".
The end result is that their parser can't deal with the hybrid mix of lisp
and C that textmate handles so well. This is true even when I try to trick
their parser by renaming all my files to *.lisp.

> See here:
> http://gerd.knops.org/?p=7

Thanks, I wasn't aware of TMCodeBrowser.

I tried the TMCodeBrowser plugin, but its dependence on ctags, and my
dependence on the hybrid language described above, meant that the tag
generation doesn't work for my language and so I couldn't experiment with
TMCodeBrowser. It does look like exactly what I need, but I couldn't find
any way to hack my sources such that the ctags parser would behave nicely,
at least not without a lot of scripting work to remove the non-conforming
elements, which may defeat the purpose.

More worrisome is the fact that textmate crashed after I installed
TMCodeBrowser the first time. The crash occurred after I hit the relaunch
button on the dialog. It seemed like the kernel was probably still alive (I
didn't have another machine to ssh into it), but the desktop, keyboard and
all GUI objects save for the mouse pointer were dead. That is, I could move
the mouse pointer, but GUI objects were not responding to clicks, and the
keyboard, including function keys and Cmd-Tab were dead. In addition, my
menubar utilities showing CPU, memory, etc. had frozen. I waited several
minutes before hitting the power button and the TMCodeBrowser install worked
smoothly the second time, including the relaunch. I have the 1070 build of
textmate on a 1.67 G4 powerbook with a gig of memory.


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