[TxMt] Shell Variables and templates

Prachi Gauriar pgauriar at mac.com
Mon Jun 5 05:36:09 UTC 2006

Hi everyone.  I just started using TextMate today and I've run into a  
little problem.  I've noticed that  my Shell Variables (as set in the  
Preferences) aren't loaded properly when I use templates.  For  
example, I'd kind of like to mimic Xcode's built-in templates.  To do  
this, I've modified the Java Class template to look more like:

//  Created by ${TM_USERNAME} on ${TM_DATE}.
//  Copyright (c) ${TM_YEAR} ${TM_ORGANIZATION_NAME}.  All rights  

and I've updated the script associated with that template to look  
like this:

export TM_YEAR=`date +%Y`
export TM_DATE=`python -c 'import datetime
now = datetime.datetime.now()
print "%s/%s/%s" % (now.day, now.month, now.year)
export TM_USERNAME=`niutil -readprop / /users/\$USER realname`
perl -pe 's/\$\{([^}]*)\}/$ENV{$1}/g' \
     < class-insert.java > "$TM_NEW_FILE"

All of this works fine, except ${TM_ORGANIZATION_NAME} isn't being  
replaced correctly.  It works fine for Code Snippets, but not in  
Templates.  If I add

env >> "$TM_NEW_FILE"

to the end of the script, TM_ORGANIZATION_NAME isn't listed.  Is this  
a bug or a known issue?  I've searched Google, TextMate's bug list,  
and the list archives, but I can't find any mention of the issue.  I  
would appreciate any help in resolving the problem... it's a minor  
nuisance to an otherwise great application.


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