[TxMt] Active row does not follow PgUp and PgDown

Patrick Mast TextMate at PatrickMast.com
Mon Jan 30 12:01:39 UTC 2006


When I press the UPPER button on my keyboard, the ACTIVE row (the one  
with the darker background) goes UP. When I press down, the active  
row goes down.

When I press PgUp or PgDown, the TEXT in TextMate goes Up or Down,  
but the active row stays where it was. So, when I found text with  
pressing PgUp, and I start to type, Textmate JUMPS back to the row  
where I left off before pressing PgUp.

Can we setup textMate so that, when pressing PgUp or PgDown the  
ACTIVE Row follows me?

FYI; I use TextMacro now to handle my END and HOME keys.

Thank you.

Patrick Mast,
xHarbour.com Inc.

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