[TxMt] emacs like bindings to use xxxMark:

nxinxa at mac.com nxinxa at mac.com
Mon Jan 30 02:37:31 UTC 2006

Trying to make a set of Emacs-like bindings for TM, I discovered that  
setMark: and others are defined at a low level in the operating system,

Some keys I wanted to use with these, e.g. ^q and ^h, are defined  
downstream, for examples in the bundles or in
/Applications/TextMate.app/Contents/Resources/KeyBindings.dict.  I  
got rid of all those bindings, I think, but I still am unable to use  
the Mark commands in TM.  I am able to use them in Mail: set a mark,  
move, press the key bound to deleteToMark: and the block is cut, Yank  
it back, etc.  Am I missing some interfering bindings or does TM  
somehow not respond to the xxxMark: commands?


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