[TxMt] Re: New Bundle

Oliver Taylor oliver at ollieman.net
Fri Jan 27 10:24:01 UTC 2006

> I expected to find the header/footer control in Safari 2's File...  
> Page Setup..., but eventually caught on to the fact that it is in  
> File... Print.  Select "Safari" in the third selector and disable  
> "Print webpage information in headers and footers". -Jim Tittsler

Good find.

> Not sure what support you seek, but it is possible to give some  
> page-break hints with CSS. For example for the TextMate manuals  
> print style sheet I force a page break [1] after each chapter. - 
> Allen O.

Safari's support for paged-media within CSS2 is limited.  
Specifically, it supports both the "auto" and "always" values, but  
not "avoid"; which is why I can't get the following rules to work:

	@page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 1in 1in 1in 1.5in; }
	dl, dd { page-break-inside: avoid; }
	dt, h2 { page-break-after: avoid; }
	h3 { page-break-before: avoid; }
	h4 { page-break-after: avoid; }

I've tested these in Safari, Camino, and a Safari Nightly Build.

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