[TxMt] Re: New Bundle

Oliver Taylor oliver at ollieman.net
Fri Jan 27 07:19:38 UTC 2006

Thanks to Allen I've managed to add HTML export to my screenwriting  
bundle. So now you can export your screenplays in proper Studio  
Format! However, thanks to Safari's (and all other browsers) lack of  
support for paged-media styles the resulting document does not print  
ideally. That being said, it's a very nice result for outputting to  
HTML. In fact, it's much better than Final Draft 7! (they don't  
declare doctypes... bad final draft). It would be nice to see actual  
support of CSS2 paged-media styles... one can only hope.

When exporting a PDF from Safari it adds header information and  
footer stuff, as well as a nice .25in margin on every side. I'd like  
to change that, if you know how let me know.

I've looked into using HTMLDoc and Prince to export the resulting  
HTML document to a pdf by way of bypassing the build-in PDF services  
but both of those cost money, something I'd like to avoid. If you  
have any tips, let me know.

I've also added support for printing and non-printing comments, as  
well as general code clean-up.

Aside from minor changes in regexp rules to account for people's  
writing habits, I cannot foresee to many more changes in the bundle  
(aside from a better PDF option). So, thanks to all of you who helped  
and especially to Allen. You can now say that TextMate has a  
(somewhat) full-featured Screenplay-writing bundle that imports  
resulting documents *perfectly* into Final Draft. Objective  

Download: http://ollieman.net/files/bundles/screenplay.zip

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