[TxMt] Question to LaTeX bundle users

Plessl Christian plessl at tik.ee.ethz.ch
Thu Jan 26 09:27:03 UTC 2006

Dear Haris

> I am currently working on the various completion commands in the  
> latex bundle, and I am considering dropping bibdesk support in the  
> completion commands in the following way: Instead of asking bibdesk  
> for the completion list, I have a command read that does the  
> following:
> 	 It collects a list of bib files from the following locations:
> 1. the files pointed to by the environment (or project specific)  
> variable TM_LATEX_BIB, space separated (use quotes if the filename  
> contains spaces).
> 2. If either the file pointed to by the variable TM_LATEX_MASTER,  
> or the current document (if saved), or both, contain any text of  
> the form \bibliography{bibfile}, it adds this bibfile to the list  
> of bib files to examine.
> 	It scans all these bib files for the cite keys, and uses those for  
> completion. It will look for titles for the pop-up menu. So there  
> will be (actually there already are) two commands, one that works  
> with Esc (normal completion) and one that brings up a pop-up of  
> possible completions.

Having a brief look at the .aux file generated by the LaTeX  
compilation it seems that all the aux file contains a list of all  
bibliography (.bib) files, that have been used (look for \bibdata in  
the aux file). You may also consider this information, which will  
presumably also work, if the bibliography was not specified in the  
main file, but in some included file.

A suggestion: You may also want to have a look at Emacs reftex mode,  
which provides also a nice lookup in BibTeX files (see attached  
screenshot). Reftex allows you to search the BibTeX files for a  
regular expression (for the screenshot I searched for my last name)  
and then presents a handy list of all publications matching this  
regular expression.

  Best regards,

Christian Plessl   http://www.tik.ee.ethz.ch/~plessl
Computer Engineering and Networks Lab, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

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