[TxMt] List of default key bindings?

Yuri van der Meer lists.macromates.com at yvandermeer.net
Wed Jan 25 22:45:26 UTC 2006

Hi everyone,

I'll be getting a Mac in the near future, and am completely convinced
that TextMate will become my text editor from day 1.

Until then however, I would really like to get used to the key commands
that TextMate uses (by default), to make the transition as smooth as
possible. Basically, I want to mimic TextMate's key bindings in my
current Windows editor, Komodo.

I've been using 'Emacs shortcuts' in Komodo for a while now, but I
understand that Textmate's key bindings are not completely similar to
Emacs (and I am sure Komodo's 'Emacs' key bindings are not 100% similar
to the real Emacs either).

Is there a complete list of all default TextMate key bindings somewhere?

Also, I've seen messages come by about 'key bindings for switchers' on
this list, but that seems to be focused on people trying to emulate
Windows key bindings in TextMate... Is there anyone that has tried the
opposite, like I would like to do?


Yuri van der Meer

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