[TxMt] cocoApell really slows down TextMate

Christof Janssen c.janssen at mpi-hd.mpg.de
Tue Jan 24 13:35:31 UTC 2006

Am 24. Jan 2006 um 14:15 schrieb Allan Odgaard:

> On 24/1/2006, at 13:58, Christof Janssen wrote:
>>> As that has the default spell checking settings (i.e. disable for  
>>> keyword.*) or maybe you have an old LaTeX language grammar (check  
>>> ~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Bundles/LaTeX.tmbundle).
>> There are two LaTeX bundles. Since I have just downloaded and  
>> installed the most recent version of TextMate 1.5(906) I don't  
>> think that this should be the problem.
> The LaTeX bundle contain both the LaTeX language grammar and  
> auxiliary information about what parts of the document spell  
> checking should be disabled for.
> If you did not make any LaTeX customizations (which you want to  
> keep at least) then remove both bundles (to reset to the defaults)  
> -- renaming will only do that if you rename (move) them out of the  
> Bundles folder.
> The same goes for the Source bundle.

Great, that did the trick !  This looks just perfect now.

>>> You can press ctrl-shift P on the keyword to see what scope is  
>>> assigned to it.
>> Both, underlined and non-underlined words have scopes assigned to  
>> it. Eg \newcommand (which appears underlined) is assigned to  
>> text.latex and storage.type.function.tex. The command \label on  
>> the other hand is not underlined and assigned to text.latex,   
>> meta.ref-or-label.latex and keyword.control.ref-or-label.latex.
>> Frankly, I don't know what this means. I just wonder what spell  
>> checker is activated anyway. How do I control that ?
> The scope (shown with ctrl-shift P) is what name the language  
> grammar [1] assigns to that particular language element.
> The scopes you quote sounds correct. There is then a preferences  
> item [2] in the Source bundle (named “Spell Checking: Disable for  
> Source”) which has “source, constant, keyword, storage, support,  
> variable” as scope selector [3].
> This should cause spell checking to be disabled for all these  
> scopes. Something like \newcommand should be affected by this, as  
> it has scope storage.* (which is in the scope selector to disable  
> spell checking).
> [1] http://macromates.com/textmate/manual/language_grammars
> [2] http://macromates.com/textmate/manual/preferences_items
> [3] http://macromates.com/textmate/manual/scope_selectors

Thank you for providing this additional information - I will need  
some time to digest all that information. For a TextMate newbie and a  
non-IT guy like me the language is not easy to gasp.

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