[TxMt] LaTeX completion problem

Charilaos Skiadas cskiadas at uchicago.edu
Mon Jan 23 21:08:50 UTC 2006

On Jan 23, 2006, at 2:29 PM, Brad Miller wrote:

> Nicholas,
> I'm afraid you have stumbled on a bit of the LaTeX bundle that has  
> fallen into disrepair.  Unless I'm mistaken I think there are newer  
> (better supported) ways to do everything that macro and set of perl  
> scripts was written for.
> In particular most common completion tasks can be accomplished with  
> either:
> Insert Command based on current word ctrl-\  or
> Insert Environment based on current word ctrl-|
Let me take this opportunity to mention a couple of the new commands  
that might also be relevant:
1) Enhanced Insert Label From Document..., searches all files  
included in your TM_LATEX_MASTER file, if that is set, or just the  
current document, for all labels, filters according to current word,  
if any, and shows a list of all labels for you to pick from.
2) Macro: Greek letter. Expands current word to a greek letter  
command, i.e. 'a' becomes \alpha, 'vf' becomes \varphi etc.

with regards to the completion macro/scripts, who is their author/ 
maintainer? If they have no role any more, maybe we should consider  
removing them? Is anyone using them?
> If you had something else in mind for completion let me know.
> Brad


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