[TxMt] Re: Setting command results .

Benjamin Jackson ben at incomumdesign.com
Mon Jan 23 13:26:05 UTC 2006

> Likely mtasc writes the output to stderr instead of stdout. You can
> redirect stderr to stdout using 2>&1, so the command would be:
>     complieResult=$( mtasc 2>&1 -cp "$TM_MX_CLASSES" … )

This should get you the error output nicely formatted for HTML:

mtasc -cp "$TM_MX_CLASSES" -cp "$TM_CLASS_PATH" -cp
classes" -version $flashVersion -trace $traceOption -frame 10 -mx -
out "$TM_SWF_OUTPUT" -swf "$TM_SWF_INPUT" "Main.as" 2>&1 | grep  
characters | grep -v warning | perl -pi -e 's/^(.+?):(.+?): characters?  
(\d+?)(?:-\d+)? : (.*)$/<a  
file=$TM_PROJECT_DIRECTORY$1&line=$2&column=$3">$1:$2: $4<\/a>/g'
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